Meet Isaac

Isaac is your own virtual gaming assistant, living in your phone & PC helping you perform tasks such as content creation or connecting to sponsors. And many more to come.
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  • We’re offering lifetime free access to Isaac, to every subscriber – with access to free voice skills
  • After signing up, you will see your current position on the subscriber list.
  • If you want to become a Beta Tester for Isaac and access him earlier than ANYONE, you need to be in the first 300 positions
  • We’re also doing giveaways periodically, you will get an email about these 🙂

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Isaac Powered Teams

Who is Isaac?

An AI powered virtual assistant living in your PC and smartphone ready to help you with your gaming life. Isaac is the future of truly personalized gaming and provides frictionless, speedy access to everything you need, because remember:

“You just need to say the word.”

The technology behind Isaac is capable of understanding the context of speech, learns from the users and most importantly there is no new interface you need to get used to, you can use it in the most natural way.

Early Access Program

We are accepting all subscriptions through the form above, however only the first 300 subscribers will get Beta Tester access to Isaac. As sad as this is, we’re doing our best to roll out a perfectly balanced (as all things should be) assistant to everyone. So we decided to do a little competition.

Upon Signup, you will receive a code, that you can share with your friends. The more friends sign up with your code, the better your chances will be to get into the famous “300” Beta testers. Sounds exciting?

Your Dashboard, Your Voice

Isaac is voice activated, to use him you only need to speak to him. And he is all about helping you the best way possible – and no more switching screens while playing.

  • Connect your games you play, and Isaac begins to understand your gaming style and take screenshots and short videos when you tell him to!
  • Connect your social accounts, and post to your social media channels just by telling Isaac!
  • Should there be anything missing, more skills to your Isaac will be available through the Gamer Voice Store, soon 😉

First skills you can activate

When we release Isaac in Beta, you will have access to two of his skills out of the box:

  • Content creation skill:
    • With Isaac you can automate your social media postings using your voice. While playing and you want to capture a screenshot or video, just say for example “Isaac screenshot now and post it to my Twitter”
    • We are supporting Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Twitch and Reddit first.
  • Sponsorship finder skill:
    • Finding sponsors does not have to be hard. Just make sure you activate this skill and you’re automatically visible to sponsors who will select you based on your gameplay and social performance.
    • So make sure you keep on gaming and sharing and brands will start paying attention – directly through Isaac’s Dashboard

Example phrases

Isaac listens to your voice and does what you ask him to. Here are some of the example phrases you can tell your Isaac in the first release:

  • “Take this screenshot and post it as an Instagram story. Also add “I’m the best!”
  • “Let’s do a 13 seconds video here and post it to my Facebook for my followers!”
  • “Isaac, I need you to start recording my gameplay”
  • “Isaac, prepare my Twitch event and post it to Facebook”
  • “What happened here?! How did he do it? Isaac, tag this time in the video here so I can rewatch”

    Help us by sending more phrases you’d like to use to control your Isaac while you’re playing and we translate them into features – just join our Discord.

For those of you without a Discord channel, here is an idea sheet.

yourself and his creators

With Isaac we are at the beginning of our journey to create a truly awesome personalized, virtual gaming assistant for everyone. And with the help of all you gamers we can make this happen.
We will start small but make sure to build Isaac in a way so he will not disappoint you.